Beth Snyder

Beth Snyder

Beth A. Snyder, CCHt is a certified Clinical, Transpersonal & Interpersonal Hypnotherapist and Certified Sound Healer. Beth studied at The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and is a State-Licensed hypnotherapist. She holds certifications from The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Sound Healers Academy and is a Master NLP Practitioner.
Beth’s undergrad studies in Communications from Ashford University is an experienced public speaker and has worked as a corporate executive.
Her personal experience with chronic pain, anxiety and a desire for a more fulfilling life led her to hypnosis. After many years of practicing mindfulness and self-hypnosis on her own, she wanted to bring this incredible transformative modality to others.
Beth is the owner of the Om Shoppe in Sarasota, FL. Beth believes that hypnotherapy provides others with the self-empowerment to achieve their personal best. Facilitating a powerful change in others is simply Beth’s greatest joy.


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