Brian Foster

Brian Foster

Radiant Healing Energy is the word resonance that best describes Brian Foster’s work. Radiant Healing Energy brings resolution to the core wounds of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual trauma and returns you to radiant health and wholeness. Brian uses a combination of Energy Medicine healing techniques, high-sense-perceptions, body-mind awareness inquiries, shamanism, and personal growth counseling to achieve impressive results. He creates an environment of trust, respect, and honor for the discovery, exploration, and release of life issues that have become frozen in your consciousness-energy field. Together, we will dissolve the old conditioned reflexes, false conclusions, and vicious circles of behavior that impede success, happiness, healthy relationships, spiritual fulfillment, and physical vitality and health.

As a master energy healer, Brian’s strength, caring, and gentleness flow from his core to invite, guide and carry your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to multiple levels of healing and cleansing. Professionally trained and with over 25 years of experience releasing trauma, defending the vulnerable, repairing the damaged, soothing the frantic, empowering the dejected, enhancing physical vitality, and inspiring spiritual growth – Brian is fully committed to serving humanity reawaken to its highest potential and expression.

Brian graduated from the prestigious Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science in 1994. This four-year program of personal growth, healership training, and awakening was founded by the author of the landmark books Hands of Light, Light Emerging, and Core Light Healing.


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