Cynthia Creed aka Mother TheoSophia Rose

Cynthia Creed aka Mother TheoSophia Rose

Mother TheoSophia Rose is a naturally gifted Spiritual Healer, Mentor of Light, Best Selling Author, Lecturer, Speaker and has shared her gifts on Radio & TV. In 1995, she was received into the Lineage of the Masters as a Teacher of Teachers. Over the past 31 years she has developed releasing dysfunction through Sound, The Becoming Matrix, the Spiral DNA work, Holographic Healing, The Petal Work, and Sub-Conscious Release for the Soul and today is a Master of Sound and Intuition. The Language of Light she sings, is like a drop of God’s nectar transforming stagnant energy into Light. Today, TheoSophia’s vision is unrestricted. The Flame of God’s Light blazes from her Heart and Hands. She hears the chaos within the human vessel and with her voice, can sing a sound of unwinding release, bringing freedom.


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