Dee Duquette

Dee Duquette

I was a Physical Education teacher in New Jersey for 32 years.  My interest in anatomy was a foundation for me to explore the “energetic” aspects of the human body.  Before retiring, I received a certification in Reiki and Hatha Yoga.  After moving to Pennsylvania, I taught Yoga for six years and then decided to move to Florida.  After I moved to Cape Coral Florida in 2013, I taught Hatha yoga at the Florida Yoga Academy for 3 years.  One day I visited Sarasota and really liked the place and decided to move here.

I had attended a “Qi Revolution” Event in Orlando FL and was introduced to Qigong.  I had never experienced so much “life force” move through my body.  Immediately after this event, I became certified as a Level I, II, and then III facilitator, in Supreme Science Qigong, by founder, Jeff Primack.  While Qigong wasn’t a popular, nor familiar word, Tai Chi was. I had the fortunate opportunity to study Therapeutic Qigong, Tai Chi 24 Yang Style, 42 Combined Style, Single and Double fan, all taught by, Dr. Aihan Kuhn, a Chinese Medical Doctor, and International Author, now living in Sarasota, FL.  I received all certifications and began teaching immediately after.  I will continue my journey, here in Sarasota.  I believe it is a place where I can discover my true self and follow my “spiritual” path through daily practice, prayer, and meditation.


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Qigong as Medicine

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