Denise DuQuette

Denise DuQuette

Denise “Dee” is a retired Health and Physical Education teacher from Point Pleasant, N.J.  I’ve coached cheerleading, gymnastics, tennis and choreographed dance routines for high school plays.  I also became certified in Reiki, Hatha Yoga and Pilates before retiring.

Upon my arrival to Florida in 2013, I immediately became certified as a Level III facilitator in Supreme Science Qigong, by founder, Jeff Primack.  My most recent certifications include Therapeutic Qigong, Tai Chi 24 Yang, and 42 combined style, by Dr. Aihan Kuhn (Chinese Medical Doctor).  I have recently completed a  200 hr., two-year intensive internet Medical Qigong course given by Master Michael Leoni founder of Zen Wellness in Sun City, Az. This course was intense and required two immersions each 0ne week in length to practice and to demonstrate our skills as an instructor.

I’ve had a wonderful life thus far, however, like many of you, I too have suffered from emotional and physical traumas.  Therefore,  I am grateful to have discovered the healing practices of yoga, qigong and tai chi, and I use the tools that the Masters have passed down through the ages, daily.

I continue my journey here in Sarasota.  I believe it is a place where I can discover my true self and follow my “spiritual” path through daily practice, prayer, and meditation.


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