Jacki Zimmerman

Jacki Zimmerman

Jacki has always been intuitive even as a very young child growing up in of South Florida she would get messages and visions that she kept to herself. Her intuitive gifts have given her a great connection with animals and nature. As a child her intuitive visions and dreams into the future could be very frighting. It was not until mid life that she learned to channel and embrace these gifts to remove the fear. She dedicated many years to raising three children and as an Interior Designer.

Her intuitive gifts and visions never diminished and as her children embarked on their on lives she felt something profound was missing her her life and began to learn more about how to channel her gifts and embrace them.

She is an Empath, Intuitive, Physic, Medium, Energy Healer, Life Guide, Reiki Practitioner, Writer & Inspirational Speaker. She loves helping people expand their world, show them how to reconnect to their inner essence and embrace who they truly are while learning how to free themselves from whatever is holding them back in life.

She feels a holistic natural approach to living can have a lasting positive impact on our lives and how we live. She is passionate about mental health and how it is connected to our spiritual side and how we live everyday. She has spent years researching how we live in today’s modern world and how it has a dramatic effect on not only our physical health but our mental and emotional health.

She offers private reading, intuitive life guidance, re connecting to self retreats and inspirational public speaking. Her current book living a life for a healthy mind and soul will be in print the spring of 2020.


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