Lara Jaye

Lara Jaye

Bringing over 25 years of experience; CEOs, entertainment executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders seek Lara Jaye for a unique strategic edge guiding them and their teams both professionally and personally. She helps them clear areas of their lives to allow for expanded intuition, profound inner satisfaction, deeper relationships, vibrant health, and a meaningful, inspiring life.
As a soul-inspiring thought leader, CEO, Intuitive Executive Coach, Spiritual Mentor, International Best-Selling Author, Healer, Speaker and Podcast Host, Lara’s unique healing modality includes transmission of healing codes through Light Language. This language offers a life-changing experience that speaks to your soul to expand and up-level your life.
Lara combines energy healing and light language in moving stuck energy (imprints, beliefs, patterns, entities, spirits, etc.) from people, places, land, and businesses. She is a Butler University graduate (Indianapolis, Indiana), iCoach University certified, Reiki Master/Teacher, passionate entrepreneur, and light language transmitter.


Awaken Room

Shift the Energy of the Earth Beneath You – Land Clearing

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