Laura Mouriño

Laura Mouriño

Laura Mouriño’s life history juxtaposes two worlds of medicine. As a young child, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent multiple surgeries that left her with a 50-50 chance of developing a severe disability or possible paralysis. Her mother, having come from a family of curanderos, or natural healers from the Dominican Republic, used natural remedies to promote strength and healing throughout the process, greatly improving her child’s chance to fully recover without incident. Thanks to both the surgeons’ work and the treatments from her mother, Laura recovered wonderfully. Longing to connect with her ancestral roots, Dr. Laura was elated when she discovered naturopathic medicine, enabling her to study Western medicine that also supports the body’s innate wisdom to create balance and true healing.
As a bilingual clinician, she has been able to support a more diverse patient population through unique journeys. She revels in the ‘doctor as teacher’ aspect of naturopathic medicine and enjoys creating awareness around the many ways being healthy can be simple. Her clinical experience supports a wide array of health concerns in people of all ages; from well-child visits to depressed adolescents and epileptic adults. Dr. Laura relies on the philosophies of naturopathic medicine to address the whole person and identify the root cause of illness. By working with individuals on their diet and lifestyle. She is an active member of the national naturopathic association (AANP) and naturopathic state associations where she has family and close friends: the Ohio Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OHNDA) and the Florida Naturopathic Physician’s Association (FNPA), her native state.


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