Lynn Cat Neal

Lynn Cat Neal

My spiritual journey began in 1981 in a life long study of holistic health & all things metaphysical. After 2 years of formal study with 3 Reiki Masters and a 1-year internship at Golden Pathways I completed Reiki Mastership in 1995. My deep passion for healing led me to Initiation in Angelic Light Body Healing with Rosemary Lane at The Sacred Heart Center in 1999. Simultaneous training in the Life in the Spirit at Holy Angels Catholic Church and the Healing Rooms of Spokane, Washington created a melding of Metaphysics and Charismatic healing culminating in the development of my own Angelic Light & Sound Healing. Let the Language of the Angel’s bathe you in spontaneous Sacred Chant while intuitive intonation clears your chakra centers and aligns your spirit with the direct guidance of your soul-self embodied.


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