Paula Knudsen

Paula Knudsen

Paula Knudsen is an artist, a mother, a teacher, and a gardener, with a global vision for making positive changes in our world.
From her work in the orphanages in Venezuela to initiating the national food drive with the US Post office and garden projects in the US prisons and volunteering in our community with those
experiencing “houselessness”.
Paula believes in empowering others. Her purpose is to assist in harnessing the energies all around us to bring about a state of optimal vibrational harmony.
Paula’s professional work as a Young Living Essential Oiler provides a place for wellness to flourish in our lives and homes of all who choose.
Although, her greatest joy in life is that of the “Frumplequeen” which is a dream come true from Oct 7, 1997!
And what is a Frumple you ask??
A Frumple is a little friend, made with love and out of clay, A Frumple has a goofy face to help you smile all day!
Helping others smile is part of the joyful journey that she has embraced.
A journey of wellness, purpose, and abundance.


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