Reuben Fernandez

Reuben Fernandez

Reuben Fernandez began his Tai Chi Studies under Master Yan Gao Fei, 15 years ago, and continues his training today, under the tutelage of Master Yan. Reuben has been studying/ practicing Chen Taiji under the tutelage of MASTER Yan Gaofei since 2003. Master Yan follows the lineage of Grand Master Chen Quanzhong. Currently, Reuben offers classes in Chen Style Taiji and various styles of Qi Gung in and around the Sarasota area.
Reuben Fernandez was introduced to Martial Arts as a teenager in Brooklyn, NY. Reuben was introduced to Sensei Rusty Kanokogi. was a fellow native New Yorker and went on to become a two-time women’s Olympic Judo Coach. Reuben became a serious disciple of Sensei Kanokogi. As the years went by Reuben Explored a number of other martial Arts , including Aikido, kung fu, and various styles of karate. Approximately 2003 Reuben was introduced to a new martial art Chen style Tai Chi. Reuben began his Tai Chi studies under the tutelage of Master Yan Gaofei a native of Guangzhou, China.


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