Rod Pettit

Rod Pettit

Rod Pettit is a certified crystal healer, intuitive crystal reader, spiritual teacher, and Reiki master. Rod feels a very deep connection to crystals and considers them to be conscious beings that can speak to us if we know how to listen. Rod uses this connection to open communication with the spirit in order to facilitate healing and divination.

Rod Pettit was certified as a crystal healer by the Love and Light School of Energy Medicine. His instructor, Ashley Leavy, was trained in the crystal arts by Melody, author of the “Love is in the Earth” book series. Rod has been practicing and teaching crystal healing for over three years.

Rod also practices the ancient art of lithomancy, or “reading of stones”. Stones are thrown in a circle, then the meanings of the crystals as well as the pattern in which they fall tell the story of a person’s present situation, upcoming situations, challenges, opportunities, and changes coming into play.


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