Susan Huff

Susan Huff

Soulful Seed’s Susan Huff is an organic gardener, a chef, and a slow food follower. For thirty years, Susan has created a thriving community, school and home gardens from scratch, and has brought delicious, nutrition-dense, whole-food meals to those ready to learn. By teaching home garden skills, local food sourcing, menu planning, and kitchen optimization, including cooking classes that use simple, fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients, Susan connects her clients to the art and soul of good eating. To your health!

• Biodynamics study in New York
• Food and Farm Education in Italy
• Digestive Health Training with Dr. Bernard Jensen
• Working with famous Berkley Chef and Food Activist, Alice Waters
• Bees Studies with Gunther Hauk
• Holistic Management Farming with farmer, lecturer and author, Joel Salatin
• Edible Schoolyard Project in California
• Six years teaching Garden Design in elementary schools
• One year at the Schumacher College in England, studying how to engage children with real
food through home and school gardening
• Appeared on numerous television spots about teaching gardening to school children
• Published several articles in Florida Gardening magazine


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